In an Instant

Be aware of the dangers of corded window coverings and how quickly an accident can happen.

Be Safe - Go Cordless!

Did you know? Since 1996, there have been over 350 reported cases of child death or injury in the United States due to unsafe window cords.
Infographic: Window covering deaths and injuries by year - 1996: 26, 1998: 15, 2000: 16, 2002: 24, 2004: 14, 2006: 16, 2008: 28, 2010: 29, 2012: 5

Health Risks

Children can become entangled in blind cords, which can quickly lead to strangulation and even death. There have been many reports of strangulation deaths and near-fatal incidents caused by blind cords. Strangulation can occur when children:

  • Place their heads through a cord loop
  • Wrap a single long cord around their neck
  • Pull inner cords out of the window covering, creating a strangulation hazard
Products involved in strangulation accidents - Horizontal Blinds: 57.5%, Vertical Blinds: 17.3%, Drapery: 12.6%, Roman Shades: 7.3%, Roll-up Shades: 4.2%, Cellular Shades: 1%
Safety Tips

If you're unable to remove corded window coverings throughout your household, focus on removing them from your child's bedroom and other rooms where they play.

You can reduce the risk of serious injury by keeping cords up high and out of reach

Until you can replace corded window coverings, make sure to:

  • Always keep cords out of reach.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions and read all warnings.
  • Never place cribs, beds, and playpens near a window where a child could reach a cord.
  • Do not place any piece of furniture that a child can climb, near a window.
  • Securely attach tension devices supplied with corded window coverings to the wall so children can't place the cord around their neck.
  • Install a cleat or tie-down device up high on the wall and use it to keep cords out of reach.

Never tie knots in cords. Immediately untie any knots that form accidentally. Remove any devices that form dangling loops, whether at the bottom, middle, or top of the cords.

Did you know?

95% of people surveyed said that Intercrown’s Cordless Lift Vinyl mini blind had a cleaner look than other mini blinds.

infographic showing 19 out of 20 people who believe that Intercrown’s Cordless Lift Vinyl mini blind had a cleaner look than other mini blinds
Room scene showing a 1 inch white cordless and wandless vinyl mini blind made by Intercrown Enterprise
Contoured Headrail: No exposed mounting brackets; Tangle-Free: No dangling lift or tilt cords; Easy Tilt: Pull to tilt - no wand necessary
Did you know?

We surveyed over 1500 people to see what they thought of Intercrown’s Cordless Lift Vinyl Mini Blind. This is what they had to say:

79% of respondents agree that the cordless and wandless vinyl blind is new & exciting technology in window treatments.
95% of respondents feel a cordless and wandless 1 inch vinyl mini blind is safer for children and pets than a traditional corded blind.
If a cordless and wandless blind was available at a retailer today for an affordable price, would you replace your current blinds with them? 55% said yes, 34% said no, and 11% said they do not use blinds.
What people are saying about Intercrown's cordless lift vinyl mini blinds:
                     'Would love to share this with people I know with small children.'
                     'Cordless blinds would be awesome! We just moved into a new house and need blinds for everthing - including our 1 year old's room!'
                     'So glad to see safer blinds being produced. Hope the old corded ones will be phased out of production if not already discontinued so that one day all houses will have cord-free blinds. Even when children have grown up and left the nest, their parents are better having the new cordless blinds too, for if and when grandkids come to visit. We'd love to be able to afford a change to cordless blinds for when our niece comes to visit.'
                     'Great Product, would love to have these.'
                     'Definitely would give us great relief and peace if mind if we knew our kids were safe from danger!'
                     'Oh wow! Would love these. I have a 7 month old who needs to be safe in his room when he starts standing up.'
                     'Everything in a home needs to be made with the lil' ones in mind. Whether they live there or are just visiting. I have a two year old and I can't wait to try the cordless mini blinds!'
                     'So glad to see efforts being made to make our homes safer if you use mini blinds. Also so sad to read and see the accidents that could have been prevented with such knowledge and efforts. Thank you'
                     'I have two kiddos (2 under 2) and one is mobile now. I really would love cordless blinds :)'
Did you know?

Intercrown's 1" Cordless Lift Vinyl Mini Blinds are available in both white and alabaster.